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Searchgreener.comSearchgreener is one of a number of new search engines that promises to help save the environment while you search. The engine used is Google Custom Search so you will get the same quality search results you are accustomed to but be able to save the environment at the same time.


Instead of using the typical white background screen, Searchgreener uses a black screen to cut down on energy use. Along with reduced energy usage, Searchgreener will also use all profits made from your searching to buy carbon credits which hopefully should mean that your carbon footprint is greatly reduced simply by using the search engine. So, Searchgreener gives you all the same functionality as Google but helps you make a difference at the same time with little inconvenience to you. In Their Own Words

“Any and ALL profit made will offset search emissions. Still after reduction every search you make will result in emissions so this is our pledge to you: any and ALL profit from your searches on searchgreener will buy carbon offsets, 100%! We will buy approved carbon credits in renewable energy to offset what you can’t reduce.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

We are constantly being told that we will all have to make sacrifices in order to save the planet but the fact of the matter is that there are a number of small changes that we can make to make things infinitely better. All concerned citizens should make their homepage as it will help the environment without inconveniencing us at all.

Some Questions About

Will they really use all profits to buy carbon credits or will the people behind the engine pay themselves hefty salaries beforehand? Which of the numerous green engines will come out on top?


Author : Caroline Bright

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