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searchCLOUD.comSearchCLOUD allows you to search various sites using a single search box. Rather than navigating to a site and then performing a search, at SearchCLOUD you enter your search query first, then choose a site from the cloud on your screen.


You can customize your searchCLOUD and save it using a unique URL (IE rather than having to create an account. SearchCLOUD, then, aims to become something akin to an alternative homepage from which you can smoothly surf the web.

The approach is certainly interesting. Many people currently use Google or Yahoo as their homepage. To search another site (such as Wikipedia), they’d have to navigate to and then enter their query. Using a service like searchCLOUD, they simply enter the query and then click on Wikipedia instead of Google. If the results at Wikipedia are not satisfactory, they can simply click on another cloud link to perform the same search at a different site and see what comes up. This would let them save time and effort that can be better employed elsewhere. In Their Own Words

“From this single page, you can search any of these sites. Just enter your search query into the search box and click on any link.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a service makes crawling the web for relevant information easier and less time-demanding.

Some Questions About

Do you have to install anything in order to use it?


Author : Bruce Turner

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