– Saving Our Seas many the sea world is still a mystery; its dimensions, its creatures, its depth. Despite of the fact you may ignore many of the sea’s characteristics you may want to contribute with their conservation.

If you want to have information about the seas and how to save and prevent its damage, take a look at this site then. Some of the website’s contents include: sediment transport, beaches, currents, waves, climate, atmosphere, storms, tsunamis, climate, weather, and more. The web site is full of links, such as: marine, environment, oceanography, conservation issues, decay and degradation, etc. In addition, there is general information related to global problems, like, ocean acidification, soil and erosion, disappearing beaches, marine degradation, etc. Because the world’ population is increasing in great amounts and so are not the resources, we need to learn how to distribute and take good care of them. Taking care of the sea could be a good start; check out the website for more information.