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ScoopitOnline.comScoopit Online is a system that lets you track & visualize tweets by keyword. Its programmers term the site “your own custom Twitter Newspaper”, and if we bear in mind that the site actually lets you create feeds using specific tweets as the starting point then such a denomination is quite accurate.


You can input any term that you like in order to launch a search. The results will there and then be displayed in front of your eyes.

Searches can likewise be multilingual, with 20 languages being actively supported. These include not only English, Spanish, French and German but also languages such as Hungarian, Polish and Icelandic. It is even possible to look up tweets in Japanese.

In any case, upon carrying a search you will be given the option to save the results if and only if you authenticate who you are by logging in with the ID of a Social Network user. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkdIn… they are all supported. And so are services like Yahoo and Google, so that authenticating who you are shouldn’t really be a problem. In Their Own Words

“Track & visualize tweets by keyword.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you have a more spatial representation of tweets and their points of origin.

Some Questions About

How many different feeds are you allowed to create?


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