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The site provides online science classes and science kits for children all ages. Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different. These Online Science Classes help children develop the critical thinking skills that a great scientist needs. offers hundreds of free science experiments and also allows the young scientists to participate in a fun and hands-on Online Science Program that helps them gain fundamental scientific knowledge. The Program is based on the “storytelling” methodology. All science experiments that are done during the classes are part of fun and exciting stories. The teacher tells the beginning of the story and then it is the students’ job to use newly gained scientific knowledge to finish it. Students can watch the teacher in real time and communicate via online chat. All classes are also recorded and available at for students to watch at any time. In Their Own Words

So you have a curious little Newton, Mendel or Curie at home, who LOVES science experiments!! Now what??? Sign him or her up for Why? There are 5 good reasons:
1. It’s easy
No need to research experiments that work. No need to research the science behind it. No need to drive to the toy store to pick material among the phlethora of educational toys or browse your kitchen drawers for tools. We take care of everything! When signing up for a class, we will deliver a science kit right to your door step. All you need to do is have it in front of you at the computer and join us online – even in real time. Our teachers will guide the children through the hands-on experiments and provide scientific background and explanations. We also have accompanying books available!

2. It’s fun
Children LOVE doing hands-on experiments. Children LOVE being at the computer. At ScienceCastle they can do both. While doing the experiments during our live monthly internet-broadcasting, the children can even interact with their teacher through live chat. After the class they can record their experiments online, note their observations, upload pictures of the experiments and compare theirs the results with those of other students.

3. It works
Learning with ScienceCastle is a breeze, because we will work with your child’s creativity and imagination: In each class our little heroes Mike and Maxi – a curious little boy and a lab mouse – discover a new scientific discipline through an adventure story our teacher tells or acts out during class. Since the story is always a cliffhanger it is up to the students to resolve it – by using their newly gained knowledge. That way you child will learn – and remember – the science delivered to them much faster and easier compared to less interactive educational concepts.

4. It suits YOUR schedule
Soccer or birthday on the same morning as your monthly live class? No problem. Enjoy the game or the party and tune in later at your convenience: We will record the class and have it ready for you to participate in it 24/7 once we put it up on our website. You can also watch the class as often as you like!!!!

5. It’s great for parents, too
Learn or refresh scientific concepts, be charmed by our fun adventure stories or simply enjoy watching your child having fun while learning: Our online classes are rewarding for parents as well!! (Although it is probably totally legitimate to have your child immerse into the online classroom experience all by himself and go read that morning paper!!)

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a revolutionary way of educating kids. They become familiar with a computer and learn about science at the same time. Other than MySpace and Facebook this platform is designed and build for kids to learn and have fun!


Author : Bruce Turner

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