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SchoolOfTomorrow.comA fundamental site for Christian educators and teachers, is an education portal providing a wide variety of resources for those starting or managing a Christian educational project, whether home-based, church-based or even starting a school from scratch.

In this site, users will be able to find everything from furniture checklists, training guidelines and even lesson plans, to a store from where to buy custom and premade curriculums adjusted for different stages of the learning process. These curriculums are very complete and include introductory guides for teachers and parents, the core lessons, extra reading material and also assessment and test tools, and can be downloaded directly from the site, though there is no preview available. Interestingly, this site also provides assistance for teachers in order to help their students get certified and accepted into colleges and universities around the country, plus a variety of seminars and conventions to train those students and their teachers as well. The site hosts extensive information on the educational ministry of Accelerated Christian Education, which can be browsed online, plus the FAQs area is very thorough, addressing the concerns and doubts about the scope of the program both of educators and parents.