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SchoolMatch.comIt’s a renowned cliché in cinema: whenever a tender hero or heroine is set to start going to a new school which looks great at first glance, s/he’s in for a big disappointment. It seems that horrid and deceitful headmasters rule not only in real life, but in film as well, but now their time is definitely over: SchoolMatch.


com is a company that focuses on collecting and putting together hard-to-get-by information and statistics on schools around the US, so that parents, homebuyers, policy makers and other interested agents can come across all the data they might need in order to make an informed decision. The site works mainly as a free searchable directory of public elementary, secondary schools and school systems throughout the nation, which provides basic contact information on the school, plus number of permanent teachers, number of students and their age range. If you are looking for a closer perspective, note that this raw information, plus highly detailed data, together with reports on schools or districts is available to clients for a fee.


Author : Steve Dixon

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