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Savoot.comSavoot is a social network for local businesses and consumers that works with the concept of yellow pages directory mixed with the concept of product and price comparisons. In this way the company provides a multi-level solution in relation to the level of specificity a consumer requests.


Furthermore, the social network approach gives businesses the possibility to create their own personal profiles as well as to upload every type of information they want at no cost and in real time. Things like products, events, sales, can also be added and this information will be administered by a search engine.

Now, all kind of businesses can use an effective way to increase their visibility, and users with a more practical and straightforward path to find information. makes sure that users will have the latest information about all the events, hot deals, products sold, and their price comparisons in a specified geographic area. By adding comments to the site, customers can become friends of their favorite businesses.


Author : Bill Webb

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