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SabbathTruth.comThrough you will find all the information you need to know about the New Moon’s, Angels, and Sabbath.


For example, you’ll find out why, hallowed by the Creator’s rest and blessing, the Sabbath was kept by Adam in his innocence in holy Eden. You can learn about Sabbath’s purpose, Sabbath’s history, and the appearances of Sabbath in prophecy. The site has a large amount of articles available, as well as downloadable files such as audio files and books. To navigate through the resources the site offers you should access the links on the left hand side of your screen, where you can also get free bible lessons, Sabbath products, and biblical concepts. Besides, if you want to know what Jesus taught on keeping the Sabbath, or you wonder how do you know if Sunday is the real Sabbath day, you can download the “Revelations from the Lost Pages of History” book for free.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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