– Robert Wood Johnson University Hosp.

Rwjuh.eduHopefully you won’t need to check out information from this site, but if you have to, sit back and relax: is designed in an intuitive way and is full of media features and text information for patients trying to understand their condition or procedure.

It’s really not much of a surprise, being that this New Jersey hospital really belongs to Medical School, so the site ought to be educational, and it is; you can also take a look around the news area to find out about recent medical science research news, and some wellness tips too. The site also provides some useful online services, which allow users to schedule diagnosis tests or fill all the insurance company forms online and thus save time when they show up for their surgery; is not offering online appointment scheduling services or medical history access for the time being. You can use the site to search for a physician and overview her or his professional credentials, get contact details and even driving directions to get to the office; unfortunately, information on which insurance plan the doctor takes is lacking. Hospital visitors will find a large variety of resources and useful information on the site, including a list of nearby hotels and restaurants. For those interested in knowing about professional career options and training programs, the site hosts that information as well.