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Russian-Crafts.comIf you’re interested in Russia and the crafts produced there you should take a look at the interesting items that are offered

On this site you can find all sorts of traditional Russian folk art and crafts including jewelry, glass ornaments, nesting dolls, lacquer boxes, and more. The items are sent from Russia, there are no imitations, everything on the site is authentic. The site offers people from around the world to learn a little more about Russian culture, traditions, folk art, and traditional Russian crafts. This online gift shop is dedicated to providing quality products that reflect the heritage and culture of this unique country. Most of the items that appear on the site are hand crafted, often quite intricate and detailed but very reasonably priced. The catalog includes painted eggs, musical boxes, enamel jewelry, lacquer brooches, and Pavlovo Posad woolen and Orenburg down shawls as well as the items previously mentioned.