search cancel – Housing Assistance Council is the official website of the Housing Assistance Council (HAC), an American non profit corporation from Washington D.


C. that helps local organizations to build affordable homes in rural America. They have been offering their services to public, non profit, and private organizations throughout the rural United States since 1971. Here you can learn everything about them including history and mission. All their latest news are posted here along with their major upcoming events. Also, you can find out about all their different services and activities, all of which are listed and explained here with main features and applications. In addition to this, here you can access to a series of related articles and to all their publications. In order to stay updated with all the latest from them, here you can subscribe to their free email newsletter. Finally, in case you have any inquiry or you wish to support them, here you can find all their contact details.


Author : Liam Gray

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