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Rumford.comAs it name implies, Rumford Fireplaces is a site devoted to the fireplaces that follow the tradition established by Count Rumford in the 18th Century. Found online at Rumford.


com, the website features a wide array of information that aims to provide individuals with a thorough understanding of said fireplaces and the man who created them. The site has a collection of articles that describe the history and characteristics of Rumford fireplaces along with their specifications and components. These pages are accompanied by pictures that showcase the available configurations. Moreover, the site has a search tool that lets individuals find architects and masons that specialize in Rumford fireplaces. A list of vendors that deal in Rumford products both in the territory of the United States and in neighboring countries like Canada is provided as well. Individuals that desire to form part of said list should follow the link that is provided to these ends. Lastly, the site also includes a list of restaurants and inns that favor Rumford fireplaces.


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