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RulesOnline.comIf you’re planning on attending a Parliamentary meeting but aren’t sure what the rules are for speaking or acting but wish to take part, Robert’s Rules of Order can help you out. RulesOnline.


com is the online version of the fourth edition of this book on Parliamentary procedure and law that will allow you learn easily and quickly how to properly take part of meetings. On the website you will find simple and concise guide covering the basic rules used in conducting and participating in meetings, sample dialogues, helpful tips for keeping meeting on track and in order, a frequently asked questions section, tables that provide you information on what to say, explanation of duties for board members, elected officers, and delegates, and more. The original book was written in 1896 but still hold up today as the standard of meeting procedures for professional parliamentarians and novice club presidents and members.


Author : Charly Zaks

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