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Rufskin.comRufskin Denim was founded in early 2000 by Head Designer Hubert Pouches and Partner Douglas Coats. The website offers you the chance to get to know the entire men apparel of Rufskin Denim in the Clothes section, so you can find out if something appeals to you.


In a time where the much-desired sexy, designer, low-waist jean was emerging, Rufskin established their brand as a line man could also adorn. What sets Rufskin apart is their vision of style, fit details, and above all, comfort that is not only sexy but also masculine. Almost serving as a second skin their fits are designed to enhance ones individual masculinity and physical form. All designs are original and hand made; paying close attention to every detail. You have access to a list where you can buy Rufskin Denim Jeans, such as North America, Uk, Europe, Africa, and more. Might as well give it a try.


Author : Bill Webb

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