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Rowox.comLast time we checked, the whole notion of social networking was extreme personalizing and really communicating what you have to say, right? Even if that poses a severe challenge to the notions of taste or visual health, nothing should hinder from finding and using a variety of graphics to set yourself well apart from that MySpace dull and impersonal outlook, so stop by at and see what they have to offer: layouts in all possible music or graphic styles you might fancy (including lots of pink and cute ones), glitter signs to vent your love for brands and habits (‘I Love Texting’ is one of them), plus you can get a variety of corporate logos from the site.


You can also find stuff to pimp up your comments area to carry the spirit of your favourite musician, drug or office supply. The site doesn’t carry any glitter text generators, but some other ones which allow users create Polaroid images, iPod Touch graphics and fake driver’s licenses. What the site does is basically letting you know what the code is so that you can paste it directly on your profile, but if you can’t be bothered with the complicated Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V process, you can always provide your MySpace username and password and have set it up for you.


Author : Steve Dixon

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