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Rose-Publishing.comRose Publishing was founded in 1991, in California. Their mission is to publish bible reference material, such as bible study charts, time lines, and maps.


They usually make sure that this material is easy to use, so that it can reach as much people as possible. The products published by Rose, are available in Christian catalogs and bookstores. Rose Publishing also has a printed catalog. If you want to receive it by mail, you need to fill in a quick form and they will send it to you in no time. You can also submit to Rose Publishing newsletters. This information will keep you updated on their latest releases, their new discounts, their promotions, and any other relevant information that might concern this company. To find out about the shipping process, and their privacy policy, take a look at the link “news & info”. If you want to know a little bit more about these religious topics, visit and take a look at the books they published.


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