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Rosacea.orgThere is an estimation of a small fraction of around fourteen-million Americans who have rosacea and haven’t been treated, and for better knowledge to all those people who have no idea on what it consists; the National Rosacea Society provides that information to help rosacea patients with a better understanding of their disorder. Within this site, you can find information for patients and for physicians; there is general information about rosacea about its symptoms and treatments.


You can find within this site, many different pictures of faces with rosacea, treatment photos, providing a before-and-after look within the different treatment choices. If you are interested and you believe that this information isn’t enough, or you think that something wasn’t clear enough for you, you can look into the Frequently Asked Questions in a variety of categories, where many of your doubts and questions can be clarified and answered; if they are not answered, you can still get an answer by writing to leading dermatologists, ophthalmologists, researchers and others answer questions posed by our readers.


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