search cancel – Personal Website is a personal website produced and developed by an American guy named Ray Smith.


Here he posts information and stories about some of his personal interest. For instance, there is a section devoted to the 1st Battalion 69th Armor, where he used to serve. Also, you can find a section about the Route 66 in California, Arizona, and New Mexico with information and pictures. In addition to this, there is information about Z06 Corvette and picture and information about road trips. Each one of this sections feature information, stories, and pictures as well as links to related websites. The website has been online since 1996 and if you though you where the only one interest in a site like this, think again, because it got thousands of visits in these 12 years. In case you wish to leave him a comment or make any type of submission, here you can find all his contact details.


Author : Liam Gray

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