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RivermarkCU.orgAre you sick of waiting in huge queues just to bank one cheque, or ask a simple question? This happens in most banks. The worst thing is that instead of increasing the number of staff in banks, the banks offer you chair’s to sit and wait.


Banks are literally punching themselves in the face by recognizing they’re slow and useless. All this while the banks rip you off with absurd amounts of fees and charges, which increase every month. What can be done about this banking nonsense? Don’t put up with the crummy bank service anymore. Join the new banker’s world and make the switch to a Rivermark Credit Union. Why join Rivermark Credit Union? You should join Rivermark Credit Union because they offer you all the services a normal bank offers you and more. Over at Rivermark Credit Union they actually want you to save money, not see you waste it like everyone else. That’s why they offer mind boggling interest rates on your savings, reduced fees and charges, and easy to apply loans. Don’t postpone your change, head to and open up a Rivermark Credit Union account today.


Author : Caroline Bright

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