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Ringtonestracker.comCustom ringtones are one of the most frequent ways to personalize a cell phone. Basically, they fall into two categories.

Monophonic ringtones were the first ones to be developed and implemented, and they are characterized by playing just a single note at a time. On the other hand, polyphonic ringtones can play several notes concomitantly, and the effect is much fuller and richer to the ear. The ringtones are stored as Wav files on the cell phone, and these audio files can be sent to the cell phone from a personal computer, or they can be downloaded from the Internet. There are a wide number of pages and sites that cater for that. The Ringtones Tracker website is one such resource. It enables individuals to download ringtones from the Internet straight to their cell phones in a straightforward manner. To do so, the visitor must select his carrier from a provided list, and then choose the desired ringtone from the ones that are available. Information on supported ringtones for specific models is likewise provided. Ringtonestracker.com