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RheemTankless.Com – Tankless Water Heaters

RheemTankless.ComRheem is a leading North American Producer of water heaters, central warm air furnaces and air conditioners, and swimming pool heaters and commercial boilers. The company’s products are used for residential and commercial applications and operate on a variety of fuels.


It is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It has manufacturing facilities in Montgomery, Alabama. At the left hand side of the homepage you will find some categories that provide more information and make it easy for users to browse the site. These categories are Home, Products, Learn, News and Events, Media Center, Customer Support, Contact Us, About Us, and Recall. At the product category you will find subcategories such as Residential, Heavy Duty, EZ- Spec Sizing, Venting Accessories, and Select Best Fit. Rheem tankless water heaters combine new technology and functionality in an innovative way to heat water. The tankless water heaters are designed to enhance your lifestyle, utilize advanced technology for energy efficiency, and supply a continuous flow of low cost hot water whenever and wherever you need it. RheemTankless.Com


Author : Pat Gregson

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