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Rgriley.comWould you our your company like to learn about a company that offers a wide range of wholesale clothing and regular fit products such as t-shirts, sweat pants, sweat shirts and other activity related gear at affordable prices? If the answer is yes, then you might like to learn more about a company called R.G.


Riley who has been in operation for seventy five years and currently stock products from such manufacturers as Hanes, Gildan, Badger, Russell and other leading mills. R.G. Riley operate out of there three wholesale centers in Illinois, Virginia and California. This company also offer there clients more information and viewing access to some of there products via there online facility. The web site is well designed with a good menu system. From there menu system you can learn more about the company, view products from there catalog, find out about trade shows and even order directly from the web site if you are an account holder.


Author : Bill Webb

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