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RevivalSoy.Com – Doctor Formulated Soy Protein

RevivalSoy.ComRevivalSoy.Com is the website of Physicians Laboratories, the makers of the non-prescription Revival Soy.


They offer good nutrition, education, and medical research. This company was created for Aaron Tabor, in an effort to help his mother with the menopausal transition. And he accomplished this goal by creating patented Revival Soy. This product has many benefits that result from their patented, natural concentration process. Just one Revival Soy bar or shake contains the amount of soy antioxidants found in six cups of a typical soymilk. It has been recommended by thousand of healthcare professionals, including physicians, dietitians, and nurse practitioners. This laboratory leads the way in soy protein research among brand name soy products. The product is a “medical-grade” soy product, meaning it is used in clinical trials. Some of the Revival Soy products are soy bars, soy shakes, pasta soy chips, soy pasta, soy nuts, and soy “coffee”. These products can help you to lose weight, and improve the way your skin, hair, and nails look like. RevivalSoy.Com


Author : Pat Gregson

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