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Retroogle.comDo you place a high value on nostalgia? There is nothing wrong with that, although you must make sure to let go off things when you should. In case you want to take a small trip down memory lane, though, or if you want to show younger ones what the Internet was like way back when it all started, this site will keep you entertained.


Generally speaking, it will let you carry out a “retroogle” search – IE, a Google search the way they were carried circa 1999. If you have never seen the interface that was employed back then, you are going to find it interesting to say the least. The logo was obviously different in those days, and the main page included some sections like “Why use Google!” and “Google! Logos”.

While nobody would eschew Bing, Wolfram or the current Google for this, it is obvious that many will visit this portal out of curiosity. Once they have done that, though, there is not a lot to come back for. Still, nostalgia buffs will enjoy the journey through memories. In Their Own Words

“Search the web using Google!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are looking into reliving a few memories, this site will keep you enthralled for a bit.

Some Questions About

What will make people use it once the novelty has waned off?


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