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RepoAuction.wsWhether you are a Real Estate professional or just looking for some investment opportunities, is a site of great interest, as it is a database of homes for auction by different government agencies (like IRS, customs and DEA), and by privates as well.


Though the site is marketed mainly as a listing of homes for sale, there are lots of items which can be bought using these listings, including cars, jewelry, electronics and other valuables. But as it happens with most things good in life, it’s not free: users have to pay a subscription fee which will pay for unlimited access or restricted usage, depending on their preference. By visiting this site, users will be able to read descriptions of what’s inside, as opposed to viewing sample search results, or performing searches without being able to take a look at the details of the auctions, which is a feature similar sites have added and seems a good marketing strategy, especially when trying to attract inexpert buyers or investors, who might be weary of being able to understand the results or the information provided by site. Hopefully they’ll reconsider this bit and add a demo or some other way to preview what’s inside.


Author : Steve Dixon

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