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RentNegotiator.comRent Negotiator is a new search service that hopes to let users find the right apartment for them, at the price that they can afford. It basically enables renters to look straight for a suitable apartment and make an offer when one is found.


Rent Negotiator is directly partnered with property management companies, and the searches that you can execute on the site depend on what is listed on their inventories. That is, the availability of apartments depends on what these property management companies have listed.

Once you have found something that you like you can proceed to make an offer that you deem as reasonable. You will then be immediately notified if the offer has been accepted or declined. If it was indeed accepted, a one-time application fee is required in addition to the online application. This fee currently amounts to $ 25.

A fact is a fact – the buying habits of people have greatly changed. If you can save even $ 50 on you monthly rent then you are incredibly happy. And you have good reasons for that – if you do some quick maths, we are talking about saving $ 50 during twelve months, over a period that might as well amount to ten years on the whole (that is the time people usually rent before buying). In Their Own Words

“Founded in 2009, connects renters and property managers to negotiate the price of rent. Our patent pending technology ensures a seamless process from start to finish. Renters are able to search for an apartment, make an offer, and know immediately if the offer is accepted or declined. Property managers gain access to truly qualified renters and maintain control over the final rental terms.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ability to set down the price of the rental yourself goes some way into equalizing the way the industry operates.

Some Questions About

Can you choose the amount you will offer entirely at will?


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