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Renaissancefestival.comIf you are a fan of history, and of the renaissance in particular, and you would like to meet some other enthusiasts of this time in history, then you should visit this website. Renaissancefestival.

com is an online community of renaissance fans, who gather here to discus related topics and organize meetings in the Renaissance Festivals. What are Renaissance Festivals? Also known as Renaissance fairs, renfair, or renfest, these festivals are outdoor gatherings, usually held in the United States, which emulate this historic period with theme parks, costumed entertainers, musical and theatrical arts, arts and handicrafts for sale, and festival food. On this website you can access to the latest news from these festivals and get to know all the upcoming festivals and events all across the United States. Also, you can answer polls and access to their online forums. These discussion boards are quite active, with lots of different related topics.