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Remotes.comIn 1957, Zenith came out with the “Space Command” remote control. Dr.


Robert Adler had invented the remote that would be used in homes for the next 25 years.Over nine million ultrasonic remotes were sold, even though they had significantly raised the price of a TV. For example, if you wanted a TV with a remote control, you could paid about a third more.Ultrasonic remotes finally gave way to InfraRed remotes in the early 1980’s. By 1991, getting an original replacement remote control became a lot easier. That’s when 1-800-REMOTES began serving customers by providing original replacement remotes and owner’s manuals for any brand sold in the USA.1-800-REMOTES stocks thousands of InfraRed Remotes, Ultrasonic remotes, Radio Frequency remotes, and even wired remotes. Moreover, they stock owner’s manuals, camcorder batteries, and just about any accessory a customer could possibly need or want.


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