search cancel – The Bird And The Bee Sides is the website where you will find everything about this popular pop-rock band.


The homepage receives visitors with Relient K’s best card of presentation: the band’s just released record, “The Bird and the Bee Sides.” If you are a fanatic, this page is right what you where looking for; you can buy the band’s CDs online, and access many cool resources, such as videos, audio files, and more. If you are new to Relent K, but want to know the band and its work, you should check the Biography section. Then, you can find out every CD within the Music section, and listen to some songs to feel the band’s style. Navigate through the site through the links placed at the top of your screen; they will guide you through all the site’s features, including a photo gallery, news, information about tours, and more. At the Extras section you can access special downloadable files.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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