KillerStartups – Only Wrestling Stars is a new enterprise formed by a number of individuals who have a good interviewing skills, and that came together in order to shoot and publish the most exclusive interviews with professional wrestling superstars. team travel through all over the country in order to meet the present and future hottest WCW, TNA and WWE superstars.

In this way they bring the wrestling fans only the best interviews from the wrestlers when they are out of their element and in a more relaxed state of mind.

This is an opportunity for the users to get to actually know how this persons are behind the character they perform at the fighting arena.

When’s first started the company directors wanted to get rid of the paparazzi image they had, and they accomplish this through perseverance and the collection of excellent content. Nowadays, Reel Wrestling is proud to have gained respect amongst wrestlers and fans alike.

The site’s initial launch has been generating a lot of buzz across the net, including some of the most popular wrestling forums and blogs from the U.S., to the U.K. and even all the way to China.

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