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Recawl.comOne of Murphy’s Laws should read “the likelihood of you failing to find a site that you forgot to bookmark lies in direct proportion to how much you need to find it”. I think nobody could really disagree with that. We all have been in such a clumsy position, trying to retrace our steps to sites that we had once found when looking for something entirely different (or when we were browsing the web aimlessly), only to end up languishing over the keyboard. Well, that’s precisely what this new service is here to put an end to.


Recawl is a search engine for your web history. By using this site you’ll be able to find all these pages you have ever visited in the past, and the way Recawl archives such data is what makes the whole service so interesting to begin with. You see, Recawl takes the shape of a bookmarklet that runs in the background and that keeps track of ever single page you visit. That is, you’re not required to bookmark anything for Recawl to work its magic. As long as Recawl is running, it will be storing all the pages you browse through. And then, a mere keyword search is going to bring you back to these page (or pages) you once had come across.

The Recawl extension is available at the Chrome web store. You can get it for free, and setup shouldn’t take you longer than half a minute at most. In Their Own Words

A search engine for your web history.

Some Questions About

This is a really cool service, will we see similar plug-ins and add-ons for other browsers? Has this company already thought of that?


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