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RbHayes.orgIf you know your history facts well, you’ll surely remember that Rutherford Hayes was President number 19, and served during the Civil War; this is your chance to rediscover or learn some fun facts and amazing trivia, for instance that he was the first president to have a phone and a typewriter in the White House, and also the first president to travel to the west coast, plus his wife was a college graduate; you can also discover more ‘serious’ stuff by visiting the manuscripts and photographs collection. While the documents are not available directly, you can read a list of the contents of some of the collections on the site, and selected images from the photographic and correspondence archive are available in RbHayes.


org as well. The president’s house in Ohio now works as a memorial center and museum, where a number of exhibits take place regularly, and you can read about them on the site, or make reservations to visit with a group. Also interesting about the site is the gift shop, where you can buy a variety of collectibles and memorabilia about the president and his house.


Author : Steve Dixon

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