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RapidSleuth.comSimply put, this site is a search engine for Rapidshare, the file hosting service that is used all over the world. Using it, you can find and download video, music, document, image and executable files that are hosted there in a direct, uncomplicated way.


Just type in a keyword or keywords, browse through the resulting files and proceed to download the one that seems the most suitable.

The database itself is harvested on a daily basis by crawlers that gather the information from free access Internet resources such as blogs, forums and related spots in which download links are commonly listed.

Using the site entails no sign up process, and no fees of any kind. If you have something in mind simply head straight to it and launch a search. If the file you are keen on is indeed hosted within Rapidshare you will find it for sure. And you can always check the latest and the most popular searches on the main page, too, and determine what to download by looking at these files that are in demand the most. In Their Own Words

“This site is a new but a fast growing rapidshare search engine. The main feature of it – is an exclusive database of file share system.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an immediate way to look up files in one of the most popular file sharing services of the hour.

Some Questions About

Which further options could be added for narrowing results when looking for something?


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