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RankSpeed.comSocial services brought about a series of accompanying tools. RankSpeed is one of those, and it is one that falls into the category of the most useful tools around related to the social web.


In principle, it will empower you to search for sites according to the current sentiment both on Twitter and the blogosphere. This search functionality can accommodate a lot of concepts: you can look for the best, fastest and the most popular and secure sites on the web today just by clicking on the provided drop down menu.

Upon choosing the relevant category, you can start adding sentiments. These are not chosen from a drop down box – rather, you type them in. You can also supply the tags that describe what you want to find in your mind’s eye.

As you can see, the searches carried out using this system can be extremely refined. That is the main asset of this website, obviously. Since you can streamline everything so minutely, it is more than likely that you will come across the picks on the social web with just with a couple of clicks. If collective intelligence is something that you place a high value on, visiting the RankSpeed site will be akin to finding your soul mate. In Their Own Words

“Search by sentiments.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a practical way of coming across the most discussed sites on the social web.

Some Questions About

Is there a way to carry out similar searches based on the sentiment as expressed on other social resources?


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