Quotesdaddy.com – Over 1,000,000 Famous Quotes

Quotesdaddy.comThe next time you feel the need for a bit of inspiration or advice, check out Quotesdaddy.com which has more than 1,000,000 famous searchable quotes in its database.

The Quotesdaddy database is very extensive and you can search by entering a term into the search bar or by using the tags function. Along with providing users with this wealth of sometimes funny and sometimes smart quotes, Quotesdaddy also provides a few tools to make the experience even better; You can get your very own Quotesdaddy widget for your site which includes the ability to choose what type of quotes you’d like to display, and you can also easily add a Quotesdaddy quote to the signature line of your Gmail account.

Quotesdaddy.com In Their Own Words

“Why Do They Call Him The Quotes Daddy? The guy is a total fanatic for famous quotes! Life quotes, death quotes, funny quotes, love quotes, inspiring quotes… If you need it, he quotes it. He only speaks in quotes and they say, he can remember all the favorite quotes of regular customers. Rumor has it, he’s the only man alive never to be caught misquoting, but don’t quote me on that…”

Why Quotesdaddy.com It Might Be A Killer

Anybody who needs to find a famous quote will be excited about this massive database. It should become an increasingly popular site as word spreads about its searchable 1,000,000+ database.

Some Questions About Quotesdaddy.com

Have they considered incorporating a user voting and commenting functionality? This would allow more interaction between users and may generate even more quotes. Quotesdaddy.com