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QuoteCoil.comI’ve never forgotten the scene in the movie “Find Me Guilty” in which one of the key witnesses ends up being discredited for misquoting a philosopher. That’s an extreme example of how disastrous trying to appear knowledgeable by using other people’s words can turn out to be. And it goes into showing why a service like QuoteCoil is so important.


QuoteCoil is a search engine for quotes. It lets you find who’s said what, and it also lets you find quotes to use when writing about specific topics. The site’s really simple to use, with you being able to submit a quote and have it paired with the person that’s said it, and you can also use the site the other way around. You can submit anybody’s name, and come across all the interesting things he has ever said.

And when it comes to finding quotes for making any essay or thesis come to life, then you can do it by submitting all the relevant keywords. Science quotes, love quotes, philosophy quotes… makes room for all of that. And this database is updated day by day, too, so the site can but go from strength to strength. In Their Own Words

QuoteCoil is a fast and an uncluttered service that allows users to search for and to reference quotations in a very convenient way. Basically it’s an instant search engine for quotes. It’s a useful tool for anyone who likes/needs using quotations on a daily basis.

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Where do the indexed quotes mainly come from? Are there any sites that are specially taken into account?


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