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QuitSmokingMobile.Com – Quit Smoking Via Mobile

QuitSmokingMobile.ComQuitSmokingMobile is an innovative, helpful, successful and individualized method to quit smoking using your mobile phone.


Now you can get the control of your smoking habit by using this application. will help you to quit smoking gradually but surely.

With ‘QSM’ (QuitSmokingMobile) now you have a unique JAVA solution tool for not only for mobile phones but also for handheld computers.

When you use the QuitSmokingMobile Program, you are actually taking a vital step toward a longer and healthier life, where you are no longer controlled by your addiction to tobacco.

The way it works is very simple because the QSM will help you gradually to reduce the amount you smoke each day until you are able to quit for good.

-Some of the main features this program offers are the fact that you control your quit date, getting good statistics, as well as graphs rhythm smoking, and records of money spent and saved.

Now you can break your addiction to nicotine and your habit of smoking by using a scheduled reduction with a high success rate.

This might be one very good opportunity for you to have your online ‘quit smoking diary’ stored on the QuitSmokingMobile Program’s server and send messages directly from your mobile phone.



Author : Bill Webb

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