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PurelyMag.comThe idea of this site is to put together all the images and exclusive footage about events with beautiful women in them, so by taking a look around, you’ll be able to find pics featuring the latest F1 race, red carpet event and fashion show, plus lots of full photo sessions for uberfamous and aspiring starlets alike. Users can browse around for free, though this means only limited content; paid memberships (ranging from $8 to $40, the latter for unlimited access) allow users to explore the full archive of images and videos, which also include videoclips, interviews and other highly popular media, with charts of favorites ranging back to 2005.


Users can right-click download videos and images, and premium users can download the whole archive using DownThemAll, a recently launched popular extension for Firefox. A great bit about is that it can be browsed using iPhone and iPods as well. The site is being constantly worked on, and schedules to present a flickr-like navigation style to solve the lack of thumbnails or preview options they have at the present time.


Author : Steve Dixon

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