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Prudentbear.comThis website is about the investment adviser to the Prudent Bear Mutual Funds. Lots of economic issues are touched on this website.


Starting right off with the dollar and its lowering price day after day, it also includes advice and articles regarding the stock market and how to make better investments. The advice provided can be useful for a lot of people because, let’s say you want to buy some stocks. Stock market has not phantasmagorical regulation, and many people might not know that. offers you free PDF files which can be helpful in this very tricky and constantly changing market. The website also features news regarding the economy market, stocks, and the fluctuation of dollar. If you are a broker searching for investment, they also let you know the risks (although they are minimal) of investing in the Prudent Bear Fund. You as a guest can also comment on all these economic issues.


Author : Bill Webb

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