search cancel – Find Commercial Real Estate is here to let those looking for a place to base their businesses in find it both quickly and accurately. PropertyLinc stands as a supple search tool that enables people to look for places that can be rented all over the United States of America. Users are allowed to specify both the location and the type of property to be rented. And something as pivotal as setting down how much they are willing to pay can likewise be made clear.


Eight types of properties can already be found through the site: industrial, medical, office, power center, retail pad, shopping center, special purpose and vacant land. And as far as setting down how much users are willing to pay, seven different ranges are provided. They will be able to offer as much for square feet as they can really afford, and not a cent more.

Once one has carried out a search and found a unit that suits his needs in every sense, he can simply submit a letter of intent to the landlord. It will all be taken from there, and (if all goes well) he will end up having a place to base his business on, at the most competitive price in the market. In Their Own Words

Search for real estate and find the perfect space for your business.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Not many sites focus solely on commercial real estate like this one does.

Some Questions About

Which fees are there to be paid for using the site?


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