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ProperPint.comThe aptly-named ProperPint website is an online resource that provides users with fully up-to-date information on Dublin-based pubs and happening nightspots. The site has an unobtrusive layout and upon directing your browser to this startup you will be greeted with a concise navigation menu.


The items that make it up include “Browse Dublin Pubs”, “Add a New Pub” and a “Google Earth Pubs” link that will help you visualize the pubs of your choice in a straightforward fashion.

Moreover, the site includes a “Write a Pub Review” section that will let any user offer his opinion on any existing nightspot in the Dark Pool city. There is also a “20 Most Popular Pubs” category that showcases notable venues based on the ratings that have been submitted by visitors of the site. Finally, the site also boasts a “Most Recent Pubs” section that charts those pubs that have recently opened their doors.

It is also interesting to point out that when writing a review it is possible to pose questions such as “I would like to work in this pub, who should I contact?” and related considerations. In Their Own Words

“This site is designed to help anyone who’s thirsty for a proper pint sort through the many pubs and night-spots of Dublin.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who reside in Dublin will find it useful for checking out the latest trendy nightspots in town.

Some Questions About

How often is the site updated? Are there similar services that take into account American cities?


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