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com you will have the chance to see lots of handguns; they have turned one of the leading manufacturers in the whole world. They feature tons of magazines handgun-related and have soon added an accessories section. What characterizes their products is their rugged high carbon heat, their durable heat treated chrome silicon wire, their high quality injection molded polymers, and they are all manufactured and assembled in the United States. On the main page of the web site there are several links containing the different magazines. This latter include: AK-47, AR Rifle, Baby Eagle, Beretta, Bersa, Browning, M1-Carbine, Colt, Desert Eagle, Enfield, Firestar, Galil, Glock, Heckler and Koch, Hi-Point, Interarms, Kel-Tek, Llama, Magnum Research, Makarov, Norinco, North American Arms, Remington Arms, Republic Arms, Ruger, Saiga, SKS, Smith and Wesson, Springfield, Star, Taurus, Walther, Winchester, and Witness, among others.