KillerStartups – Get Free Gifts

ProductEvaluationPanel.comThis page is a promotional website that aims to attract users for a particular program called New Member Incentive program. A division of Consumer Research Corporation Inc.

, invites every visitor to enter the site, register a valid email address, and get free gifts. Just that simple. The explanation for this sample of generosity is simple too; it consists on a demographic study carried on by the company that requires you personal information. Prizes are not despicable: participants can get valuable rewards, such as a Sony Vaio computer, a PlayStation 3, a Canon 40D camera, and a Callaway set. At the homepage you’ll find detailed instructions to participate the programs, which may result a little confusing, since you need to become a member and complete the tedious terms and conditions. Insert you email at the homepage to submit, and check the availability in your residential area by filling the blank with your zip code.

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