KillerStartups – Online Printing Store

PrintingForLess.comPrinting is usually synonym with massive headaches, short deadlines and in general anything you can relate to stress; a good way to make things easier is to get somebody else to do it for you, and that’s where comes into scene: an eCommerce company specializing in high and low quality four color process printing of brochures, cards, newsletters, stationery, booklets, folders, and any other mid to large printing needs you might have.

The process is as simple as you could wish for: first you need to decide what format you will want, then upload the image file to the site, and you’ll get an instant quote; in a working day time the company will get back to you with a proof of the job (which carries a standard $39 rate), which you can instantly approve or make corrections for a small fee, then wait 4-5 days and you’ll have all the prints delivered to your door. If it’s your first time with remote printing, it could be a good idea to order to free sample to see what kinds of products the company is good at doing, and get a better idea if the service if what you looking for. The company’s standard rates are available from the site for you to get a broad perspective on how much your project will cost, but if you have any further doubts, try live chat with one of the sales reps to get all the details explained out.

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