KillerStartups – Learn About The Primitive Man

Primitiveways.comAt you can learn more about primitive ways.

The information is divided in some categories. At Resources you can find information about The Primitive Ways Book and CD, movies of interest, recommended books and magazines, stores that offer resources for primitive technology projects, and more. At workshops and classes you can learn more about spring classes and workshops, what to teach kids and why, friends of the Society of Primitive Technology, and more. There is a section named Fire Making and Primitive Cooking where there is a lot of information about fire and some of its uses, evidence of Ancient Campfires, the miracle of fire-by-friction, the Egyptian bow drill, how to make fire with a hand drill, how to start a fire with a lens made from ice, and much more. There is another section named Primitive Tools and Projectiles where you can learn more about the use of arrow, fletching, loop, fork cord, bow, hatchet, and more. There are other categories such as Musical instruments and beliefs, Early Technology and Traditional skills, Useful plants and shelters, Hand-made tools and urban resources, and much more.

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