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PriceToRoom.comThere are a lot of sites that will let you find a room to stay in any hotel of the world, and these all work in an identical fashion. You specify the date and length of your stay, and how many people make up your party before being informed how much it all would cost.


You either take it, or go looking for accommodation somewhere else. Well, this website does things a bit differently. Price To Room will let you send your actual budget to any hotel that you like, and see if it is accepted or not.

To use the site, you have to furnish the kind of information that was mentioned above (IE, the date and length of your stay, how many people make up your party, which kind of room you are looking for) and then set down how much you are willing to pay.

A list of hotels that match these requirements will then be produced for you to approach directly with your budget proposal. And note that an advanced search will let you specify as many amenities as you want, too. In Their Own Words

“Choose where, when and what type of acommodation and we search it for you. Most importantly… You send your budget to the hotel.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an interesting take on the way in which rooms have always been booked.

Some Questions About

What guarantees have you got that the hotel will accept your budget?


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