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PPC Assurance

Provides a full audit & verification service for PPC campaigns. Search marketers constantly are buying advertising online, and defining how, when and where they want their ads displayed.


Unfortunately, ads designed to attract business from the U.S. or from Monday – Friday between 8:00 and 5:00, often get displayed in other countries, or at times outside the contract parameters.

The ad networks do not provide any detailed reporting on their ad displays, and advertisers are running blind. PPC Assurance resolves that, makes an audit painless, doesn’t require any special skills or training to work, and even includes an automatic refund claim filing system, so you can get your money back for improper ad displays.

Why PPC Assurance It Might Be A Killer

When advertising came to radio, a company called Arbitron emerged. They hired scores of people to listen to the radio all day, and mark down which ads ran when on which station. They compiled the data, and provided the information back to the ad networks, and advertisers. They provided an audit and verification service so that advertisers would be able to ensure that they ads they booked to run on particular stations in NYC, at certain times of day, and days of the week, ran as promised.

Straightforward business best practices. Buy an ad, have a means to find out that you got what you paid for.

When advertising came to television, Nielsen offered the same service for TV advertisers as Arbitron had for radio advertisers. As with radio, the various networks cooperated with advertisers.

Independent verification is a good standard business practice. In traditional advertising, it’s been around for quite a while. But until now, it’s not been offered to Internet advertisers.

PPC Assurance fills that gap. It’s fully automated, so monitoring your campaigns is easy.

The value in an audit is in verifying what’s happening. That’s a killer App. Take it a step further, and PPC Assurance has automated the entire refund claim process. Try going to Google for a refund, and they give you virtual blank stares. Go in with this data, and they are forced to acknowledge you.

Their customers have already got refunds; something no other app has done.


Author : Caroline Bright

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