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PowerhouseMuseum.comPowerhouseMuseum.com is the official website of the Powerhouse Museum, Sidney´s largest public museum.

Here on the site you will find information on the different museum exhibitions, programs and fields of science, technology, industry, design and so much more. So, whether you would like to take an online tour through the museum, or you would like to plan your visit to the museum, this is definitely your starting point. Take a look at the current exhibition listing and the upcoming exhibitions; if there is any in particular that catches you attention, just click on it and get further information and images. If you are a teacher, you might be interested in checking out the teachers guide, notes and resources provided on the site and see if you can get some ideas on cool activities for kids. The museum offers many online resources as well, including a design resource, photo of the day blog, online games for kids, and so much more. PowerhouseMuseum.com