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PositiveAtheism.orgPositive Atheism Magazine is a print and digital publication which fosters the discussion of atheism and religion-skepticism by presenting a selection of news from around the world, a history of atheism and its believers, humor, opinion, and general analysis. Positive atheism, which is the ethic endorsed by this publication, aims to encourage rational thought and critical thinking about the dogmatic points of view religions impose to their believers; an enticing bit about the site is that they are respectful of believers and their faith, but weary about the discourses religions build to hide logic thought flaws.


Possibly the best part of the magazine for those of you who don’t care to read a full article is the quotes section, where you’ll find short snippets of atheist, anticlerical and skeptical humor and thought. The site also carries a kind of hall of shame, where religion fanatics’ quotes get displayed, plus several pieces explaining in linguistic terms the logic flaws of religious thought and discourse, which will definitely come in handy for your debate group.


Author : Steve Dixon

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